As close to perfect as possible.


As close to perfect as possible.

As close to perfect as possible.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Marie Catrib’s since they first opened. It’s my hands-down favorite spot for breakfast or lunch. And if you know me well, you know that I eat there a lot, and I do mean a lot!

I was recently thinking about Marie and how since her passing the restaurant has continued to stay true to what her and Fouad started more than ten years ago. Guided by principles like not only creating super-great food but also having (according to their website) “efficient, uncompromised, sincere, fabulous, caring and exceptional service (as close to perfect as possible).”

And I have to say they deliver on all the above.

I don’t like raw red onions and whenever I order a salad and forget to tell them the person taking my order always asks “Dottie, are you sure you want red onions with that?”

Or when I picked up my breakfast of oatmeal, Nick, who usually works the breakfast crowd, says “I gave you some extra fruit on the side because it’s cold and you need the extra vitamin C, and instead of brown sugar, I put local maple syrup on the side because it’s better for you.”

Right after my Mom passed away, Fouad and I were talking while I was waiting on an order and we were reflecting on how much we both missed our moms. Marie had passed away just a couple of months prior and we both starting crying right in front of everyone, and it felt natural to do that, like we were in his home or mine.

And I realized at that moment, that one of the reasons I love going there is that I feel at home, surrounded by friends who through the years I’ve gotten to know quite well. The genuine friendship and love I felt that day, and many other days before and since, are a testament to one of the guiding principles of Marie and Fouad’s from day one.

We love you. Pass it on…



Illustration and hand lettering by our talented friend, Geoffrey Holstad.